The purpose of this blog is to provide a Christian perspective for women.  It’s meant to tackle the issues we face as Christian women, as well as the joys. It’s meant to encourage and inspire and connect sisters in Christ. Ultimately, it’s meant to glorify God.

Why Rahab2?

I love Rahab and what she symbolises. As depicted in the book of Joshua, she was a prostitute living in the land of the Canaanites.  She had heard of the Israelites and their mighty God, so when two Israelite spies came, she helped them escape undetected with the promises that they would protect her and her family when they invaded.  You see Rahab and her family rescued and living with the Israelites. This seems to be the end of Rahab but she reappears again, much later, in the New Testament in a most unlikely place.  I find her in Matthew 1:5.

Yes, Rahab, the woman with a past appears in Jesus’s genealogy as a grandmother or great grandmother to Boaz (sometimes the genealogy skips generations so her exact relation is unknown except for the fact that she is indeed a direct descendant). She was a gentile, a nobody but through faith and obedience is honoured and recognised as being a part of Jesus’ bloodline.

I dont know about you but I too have a past and find that Rahab serves as a reminder that God can use anyone and change anyone IF their heart is willing, so no matter what you’ve done in the past, God is offering you a future if you just accept the gift of His son, Jesus Christ.


References: Joshua 2:1-24, 6:17, 23-25 and Matthew 1:5 



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    • Beth, that would be wonderful. I would love to have you write a piece about being a Christian single. I think the message is that once we reach a certain age, there’s something wrong with us or all we’re doing is waiting.

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      • Agreed. I feel like I have this passion in me to talk about relationships and communication and even fight for marriages. And I deeply desire marriage and a family, but I’m still single at 30 too. So in the meanwhile, I’m asking myself today what does it mean to me to celebrate that and write from my perspective too.

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      • I completely understand and love that you feel moved to write about it. I have felt that once you reach a certain age, there can be feelings of judgement, even within the Christian community and I want to focus on building all of us and sharing our stories. Thanks for reading my blog!

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