Walking by Faith

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” – 2 Corinthians 5:7

We walk by faith not by sight. Reflect on that for just a minute. What does that look like?

The news is full of bad news: shootings, the economy, rapes, etc. It can be overwhelming when we look around at the world. When we hear the gossip at the water cooler or face the rejection of a friend, it can be hard and can be easy to forget why we’re here.

We live in the world but we are not of this world. We’re outsiders and we don’t belong here, so as with all foreigners, we’re not going to fit in (or at least we shouldn’t) with the world. We’re supposed to stand out, but as representatives of Him.

Life here is temporary but it can be hard to remember that when unexpected bills come in or the car breaks down. We need to remind ourselves that no matter what our circumstances are, God is in charge and He is with us. This is not the end of our story. The size of our bank accounts don’t define us. We need to focus more on the eternal ending and what we’re working towards then our lives here.

Focusing on our ending and joining Jesus should bring joy and hope to you. No matter what, He has overcome death and forgiven us our sins. That is enough! That is enough to give thanks for every day.

I know I can get caught up in the here and now. I want a larger paycheck or a nice vacation or even just enjoying a simple Chai Tea latte but that should never be our focus. Our focus needs to be Him and to align ourselves with Him through prayer, reading and studying Scripture, fasting, serving, etc. I am a much better person when I focus on Him and walk in faith.

I have faith that God is with me always. I have faith that no matter what happens, I will end up in eternity with Jesus. I believe that even when bad things happen God is in control.

How do you live by faith? How do you remain focused on Him?

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