Will you trust in the Lord?

Sometimes the Lord calls us to do things that in the world’s eyes looks stupid, crazy, or unlikely realistic. I have especially noticed that those who have committed their whole lives to the Lord, willing to do anything He asks, are the more likely to do this. There is no pattern, but rather God calls based on the heart and the intent. Who is more willing to trust in the Lord and who is not…

In my third year of college, I was able to take advantage of the opportunity to go study abroad in South Korea. Now, I had known for nearly two years that I wanted to go study there specifically. While people around me found it impossible to afford, I pushed myself to make it happen. And when the Lord provided the means for me to get there, it was confirmed that it was also a part of His plan. As for two of my friends who also went to study there, it was not the same case. One friend wanted to go to England, but her financial situation made it impossible to go. She told me that she prayed and pleaded with the Lord to go there, but no doors opened. Her desire to study abroad didn’t fade and so she applied to study at Korea for a semester.

As for my other friend, she had wanted to go to South Korea for a while—same as me—because she was majoring in the Korean language. However, her top two universities to study in Korea rejected her application. This specific university where we met was one of her last choices. Although not happy with the decision, she still decided to go and focus on improving her Korean.

When the semester ended and all three of us were preparing to go home, we had a long conversation about how we really ended up in Korea. Although for me, I learned to trust in the Lord that He would fulfill something that I wanted to do. But as for my two friends, they learned to trust in the Lord in doing something that they had not planned. And both of them were so thankful that they were able to study at that university and wouldn’t change anything about it. God had given and shown them more than they could ever have imagined. The culture they learned, the brothers and sisters in Christ that they befriended, what they learned about God…so much more!

Jeremiah 30:24 says, “In days to come you will understand” (NIV). Now there is more to this verse but just this line in particular speaks volumes. For my two friends, they had no idea why God did not pull through and grant them what they wished. But their trust in the Lord eventually led to something better than the answers to their questions. When we are in the moment asking the Lord what we should do, or why, or where He is, any kind of question, we won’t always understand or know what to do. But the Lord is asking us, “Will you trust me?”

If my friends would have gotten what they wanted or if I listened to the negative feedback of those around me, our choice would not have been our own but of the people or our own selfishness. The Lord says in Jeremiah 17:5, ”’Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the Lord”’ (NIV). Now, we will be called to do things differently then what was planned, but we must know that we cannot ever trust Satan. He will put what ever lie to keep us from doing what the Lord wants. But the Bible clearly states to not trust in man. We must trust in the Lord! And are we willing to trust in Him when it seems unrealistic or illogical?

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