Like a Drop of Water

Hey everyone – the next week or so our posts might be a bit inconsistent or even nonexistent as I am currently traveling through Israel BUT I will have a lot of material to share when I get back!

While reflecting at the Tel Dan reserve, I began thinking about water. A drop of water on its own doesn’t do much. A few together still doesn’t make impact but a multitude of drops of water can come together as a roaring river, slicing through rocks and mountains to change the land.

I am a drop of water. I can make a difference in the life of the individuals I encounter, such as my family but the real impact comes when I join together with other believers. Together we can change multiple families, which can change communities, cities, states, countries and even the world.

But this can only happen if we unite and focus on similarities instead of dividing over our differences and bickering over preferences and opinions.

Do you want to be a single drop of water that can quickly evaporate under the heat of trials or do you want to be protected and replenished through other drops of water? I haven’t seen the ocean evaporate yet, have you??

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