I find myself singing outloud…”We are family, I got all my sisters with me…” Please tell me I am not alone in this. LOL

Anyways, I found myself unexpectedly touched when last week at my small group, a woman I didn’t know heard about my brother and came up and hugged me. She apologized for not knowing me and called me sister. Sister.  Just like that I felt some of my insecurities and worries fade. I realized I didn’t have to worry that I wasn’t as skinny as some of the women or that my prayers were nowhere close to being as eloquent as others. None of that really mattered because they’re my sisters. They have to love me even if they don’t like me.

Family are the people that you can wipe the makeup off, forget to brush your hair and be 100% real. Maybe that’s not how your family functions but that’s how it was designed. Our belief in Jesus makes us relatives as Jesus said in Matthew 12:50 “For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

He connected us so that instead of carrying around the masks and bags of insecurity and rejection, we could find comfort in each other. Sadly, that isn’t always the case with believers. Sometimes other believers burdened by their sinful nature lash out and compare in an effort to make themselves feel better.

I struggle with comparison and insecurity, and sometimes I bring them to church with me and to work and wherever else they may creep in. But we’re family. We all have the same mission even if we have very different approaches. Our mission is to love.

Don’t ask me what I’m against; ask me what I stand for. I, and every believer should stand for LOVE. Love of God and love of every human being. Every human being means the murderer, the pedophile, the drunk, the terrorist, the mean coworker, the nonbeliever, the person who voted for Trump/Hilary/3rd party, the person who didn’t vote, your ex, yes, even the politicians.

It’s easy to love your friends (most of the time) but what about the person who always condescends you or the person who mocks your beliefs? We’re called to love them too but let’s start by focusing on loving the family of believers. Believers are anyone who believes that Jesus is the way to eternal life – the denomination of the church they attend doesn’t matter. God created each one of us and in our uniqueness, He gave us a variety of churches that best meet our spiritual needs and help us grow in faith. My church might not be your cup of tea and that’s okay. But you don’t need to put other churches or other believers down. We don’t need to critique someone’s every move and say they’re worship music is too hip or too old-fashioned. At the end of the day, as long as the church preaches the true message of God from the Bible, it’s good. We should be praying for the Church to expand.

Remember that you’re part of a family. Family that you should support and love. How can you show your love for the church in a practical way? Hope y’all have a wonderful week ❤

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