Speaking to the Lord

“I call on you, O God, for you will answer me; give ear to me and hear my prayer.” ~ Psalm 17:6

Although we cannot see God with our human eyes, we should not be hesitant but rather bold in approaching the Lord. The cool thing about God is that we can speak to Him like we speak to humans. He is not hard of hearing. For example, when I get angry at my siblings, I come up to them and tell it how it is. I don’t hold any feelings or emotions (which is probably not always a good thing). Then we end up arguing. The awesome thing is that we are communicating!

As a child, I remember it was easy for me to talk to God. I would speak to Him during random times of the day. I remember one moment in particular when I was six years old: I was playing on the monkey bars and talking to the Lord about the recent death of my grandfather. Although the conversation is a blur, I can picture that moment easily. If only I had kept that up. Now, I find myself refusing to talk to Him during seasons of stubbornness and laziness.

One individual that comes to mind—someone who has kept a communicative relationship since his youth—is David. David was a shepherd. Shepherds spend hours watching sheep, taking care of them and protecting them. However, during all that time, I can’t help but imagine David just talking on and on and on to God. Maybe he talked to the Lord about his brothers or his father. Or maybe for strength and courage to protect his sheep. Yet, there is proof of his conversations with God: the book of Psalms. Moreover, the Bible does not go into detail on Saul talking with God. In fact, I wonder if he ever talked to Him. It was clear in the end who was the true king of Israel, who sought the Lord with all his heart.

David begins Psalm 17 with, “Hear, O Lord, my righteous plea; listen to my cry” (NIV). Notice how he beings with Hear rather than Lord? or Are you there God? There is no doubt in his words. There is faith and courage. For us, we are not crazy when we speak to the Lord. But we are foolish when we speak to the Lord without faith. At the same time, David knew that he could freely come to the Lord  without getting a “human response” like hatred or rejection. We don’t need to be afraid to talk to the Lord. Maybe all we need to do is speak to God as though a child would.

How do you speak with the Lord? Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! ❤

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