The Book Above all Books

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” ~ 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (NIV)

Lately, I’ve been reading one of Max Lucado’s books called Glory Days. How ironic that this book emphasizes the importance of reading Scripture at a time when God has been pushing me to read more of His Word. Although I’ve been a consistent morning Bible reader, it’s not always deep and I’m not always awake. In fact, I can’t tell you what I read Tuesday morning because I remember that I was so concerned about who I was going to vote for. Yet, I am fully aware that if I didn’t have the Bible, what could I do?

When I first started teaching English in South Korea, I remember on my first day, sitting in front of the computer, wondering what I should do. I was lost and extremely nervous. Thankfully, a native English teacher that had worked before me created a manual that shows how to prepare and use the Korean website for the school. In my second school, there was no such guide. Thankfully, I was more prepared because the system was the same as my first school. However, I started to realize that eventually, when I would be replaced, the next teacher would have nothing to go by and no one to help her out; she was going to be the only native English teacher. I could not imagine the teacher beginning the job without knowing how to work in a Korean work environment. So, I created one. I listed all the things she needed to know and translated all the Korean terms on the website so it would be easier to use. God has also provided us with a guide so that we would be “thoroughly equipped for every good work.” And notice the word thoroughly. He didn’t partially or sort of equip us; the Lord thoroughly equipped us. God will bring us into the unknown, uncomfortable places but not without some kind of guide.

Amazingly, the Bible is more than a guide. It is also a weapon. As the above verse mentioned, it can be used for “rebuking.” The Word states that even demons believe in God’s existence (James 2:19). When the words of the Lord come out of our mouths, there can be power when we speak it in faith. Moreover, in Ephesians, the Word is described as a sword (6:17), a weapon like no other because it is not of this world. We have the means to fulfill the Lord’s will and the Word is a necessary tool in doing that. I admit that I don’t take advantage of this. If there is an evil presence around me, I should not only think Scripture, I must declare it! When we are lonely, when we have suffered a loss, when we are going through a financial crisis, declare!

We always need maturing and growth in our lives as well. As Max Lucado points out in Glory Days, “People don’t grow in Christ because they are busy in the church. They grow in Christ because they read and believe in the Bible” (roughly translated from the Spanish version). When we read the Bible in faith, we grow, we are being taught at the same time, and we are maturing. If we need correction in our lives, the Bible can help. When we need training, the Bible can guide us. But it is not the physical book itself but because the Word is “God-breathed” that makes it stand out among all books. All other books are meaningless when stacked on a bookshelf next to the Bible. We can invest in a book that can assist us in being a better husband/wife, better with money, or how to be successful. Yet, if they are not backed by the Word of God, they are useless.

I have struggled with Bible reading for many years now. Sometimes I go through phases where I read a book in the Bible more than once during a short period of time and thoroughly investigate it. Other times, I look at the same verse over and over again and nothing seems to stick. It’s easy to read Scripture, but not easy to dive into it. There is a huge difference and we can definitely tell when there is because the Holy Spirit can reveal things to us we were completely unaware of. As I push myself with Bible reading, I encourage you as well to take advantage of it. Not everyone in the world who desires to read the Bible has it, and here in the US, each individual can own one.

We’d love to hear how you study the Bible. Please comment below and share tips on how you study the Word and stay motivated. ❤ to everyone!

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