By Faith

“By faith, Rahab the prostitute did not perish with those who were disobedient because she had given a friendly welcome to the spies.” – Hebrews 11: 31

This is just one amazing example of what living by faith looks like. Hebrews 11 shows me that the faith and belief in God is the foundation of everything else, but each time an example of faith is given, it’s followed by a verb.

The very essence of faith requires action. It’s not enough to merely speak or write about faith. We must all strive to live by faith so that people know there’s a difference. This might mean:

  • Tithing in faith
  • Sharing the Gospel, no matter the outcome or circumstances
  • Speaking truth, no matter the outcome or circumstances
  • Showing love to people who hate us
  • Taking care and befriending the poor
  • Caring for the orphans, maybe by being a foster parent or adopting
  • Helping the widowed by visiting nursing homes or just your neighbors
  • Sacrificing your comfort for the kingdom
  • Stop speaking words of gossip, slander, hate and division
  • Act with purity of heart and body
  • Being selfless
  • Seeking God first
  • Fasting
  • Being light in your work place
  • Sticking to your values and convictions

These are just a few examples; I’m sure you can think of many more. Faith is alive in us and through us if we allow it to transform us. It starts with one choice, one minute, one hour, one day, etc. These moments add up to a lifetime of serving and representing the Lord.

I want my tombstone to say: “ By faith she lived” or “By faith she _______” I want my life to be a testimony, not so people think about me but so they can see and know God through me.


It’s only through action in faith that we can make a difference. It’s stepping out into the unknown because we have faith that this is the path God has called us to. It’s by faith that we come to experience and win the race God has laid before us. Remember the scene of Indiana Jones, where he has to step off a cliff? Sometimes (a lot of times), it feels like that.



I pray that you have found encouragement in this and are ready to step out in faith. I want you to commit to live by faith and start with one particular thing. It might be an example listed above or it might be something God has laid upon your heart but remember, He doesn’t call the equipped; He equips the called. All you need is a willing heart to step out by faith. ❤

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