Walking on Water

“He said ‘Come.’ So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he as afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, ‘Lord, save me.” – Matthew 14:29-30

I like Peter but I didn’t always understand him. I’m sure if I worked with Jesus I would have immediately recognized Him as the Messiah and believed everything He said without any doubt. Yea…right.

Peter gets picked on a lot. People talk a lot more about Paul but Peter’s the father of the church. Peter was one of Jesus’ first followers and he’s just really enthusiastic and competitive. He has a tendency to act and then think, which can be good or bad. I imagine Peter being really excited and high-spirited about walking on water but then there was a little wind and he realized that he was WALKING ON WATER and was in the middle of the sea.

Why was he suddenly so scared? I can’t tell you what exactly scared him: drowning, a storm, not being a strong swimmer, sharks (I can hear the Jaws theme song now). The point is not what scared him but what happened.

Peter is walking to Jesus, so I assume he was looking at Him but then Peter got a bit comfortable and started to admire the scenery. Bam! As soon as Jesus wasn’t his focus, he noticed the wind, became frightened and started to sink.

“I wouldn’t react that way.” Except we do. We lay awake at night worrying about finances, jobs, significant others, medical issues, school, etc. We ask people to pray for us and still worry. The Bible is full of miraculous moments where God showed up. Why do we doubt? Why do we act as if our problems or worries are bigger than the creator of the universe? Why do we think God won’t show up?

I want to speak some truth here – God always shows up because He is always with us. It’s not always how we’d like it to turn out but He shows up. He’s still a god of miracles. My mother is alive because God is a miracle worker. I am a woman of God because He is a miracle worker. My church has a miracle story (several actually). Everyone you meet has a story – sometimes it’s huge miraculous moments but sometimes it’s a thread woven through years that shows how He’s been working.

Stop looking at your circumstances and supersizing them because God is larger than all of your problems. Yes, things might not go according to your plan but if you listen and trust in Him, they’ll always go according to His. Don’t worry and be happy – you’ve got a God who’s in control!

Whatever you’re struggling with, remember God is bigger. If there’s anything specific you’d like us to pray over, please comment below or contact us. We love hearing from y’all. ❤

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