Baggage Check

Y’all – I had this vision the other day and feel convicted to share it with you. I hope it lifts you up.


Trembling as I approach with my suitcase.

Going through security, I unzip my bag.

Shamefaced, unshed tears and a red face, I begin to unpack:

Addiction – I hand it over, head low.

Adultery – I close my eyes in mortification. Everyone can seem – oh what they think of me.

Impurity – Tears freely streaming

Lust – My face can’t be any redder nor my shame any deeper

Pride – oh how I wish I hadn’t seen myself as “all that”

Judgemental – the irony – so busy judging others and now being judged for it.

Comparison – oh why couldn’t I just focus on myself?

Gossip – Failed attempts to tame the tongue.

I never thought I’d have so much to unpack. I thought I was so good.

Lies – how foolish to think I could hide anything

Stealing – the only person I really stole from was myself

Complaints – What did I have to complain about? My Father provided me with everything I needed.

Criticism – If I’d only spent that time critiquing my own flaws maybe I wouldn’t have so much to hand over.

One after another, I unload my suitcase – my regrets and missed opportunities.  Finally it is done. It feels like an eternity has passed and I can feel the tension in the air. I keep my head down, until a hand nudges my chin upward.  I flinch expecting to see the wrath of judgement and instead see sorrow and love.

I look around but I don’t see my baggage.  Blood begins to flow from the man and I try to staunch it.

“It cannot yet be staunched, beloved.” He calmly tells me.

“Why? It must stop or you’ll bleed to death. Who did this?” I’m panicked in my response, terrified that he’ll bleed to death.

“Child, my blood is purifying and has to flow to clean your baggage.  You did it.” He responds in a gentle, loving voice. I don’t understand his response. Where is the condemnation and the hate? I can tell this hurts him.

“You must hate me for this. I’m so sorry. Forgive me.” I weep, despising myself and my weaknesses.  He wraps me in a hug and holds me tightly. When he pulls back, I expect to be covered in blood and am shocked when instead I’m in brilliant white.

“What?” I stammer.

“Now you’re ready to see the Father. Walk right through there. You’re in the book of life but I had to prepare you. I love you, sister”

I go to face my judgement, knowing that I’m already clean – thanks to Jesus who intervened for me…and you.

Please comment below and let us know what you think. This was a bit out of the comfort zone but I hope it encourages you and builds you up. He loves us and has already purified us. Don’t listen to the enemy’s lies. ❤


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