Taking Action

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” ~ Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

It is impossible for me to count how many times my mom has reminded me of these verses. She knows that I’m the type of person to usually want to take matters into my own hands and make my own decisions. (I’d also like to add that I’m a bit impatient.) Amazingly, God is good and when we choose to follow Him, whatever decision we make, He will open and close doors. And recently God reminded me of that, specifically when I took action.

These last two months have been big transitioning months from transitioning to another country as well as going through the process of looking for a job, an apartment, and a car. I’ve been sitting on my butt all day researching and looking but never actually applying or deciding. In my experience of letting God lead me, I found myself impatient and stressed out. He put me in several situations in which I had to wait, and He then suddenly opened up doors. I thought my current situation was one of those. Yet, I’ve learned that I am not as impatient as before. Instead, I’ve gotten lazy.

An example is when I was having troubles with my phone. I recently got a great plan with my phone that I’ve had for three years. It’s been with me through most of my traveling experiences and because I’m technologically-challenged and cheap, I couldn’t fathom buying a new phone. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use the data because of several problems on my phone. Well, I usually want to fix things as soon as they happen, but I waited and waited because I thought maybe it would be a good time to get a phone. On the other hand, I was really attached to my phone that I already had. This kind of thinking just wasted me four weeks of phone frustration, and I’m sure God was tired of me going back and forth and telling Him. Eventually, I just called tech support and found out that there was only one option to do: restore my phone. So, I did. And guess what happened? It worked! My phone looks like it’s in new condition and everything is working properly.

If I hadn’t done that, the data on my phone would probably still not work, or I could have gotten a new phone and spent quite a bit of money. I kept waiting for God to tell me the answer, but in this case, God wanted me to take action and He would provide the answer along the way. And He answered me because I finally acknowledged Him and trusted that He would work out something amazing.. I asked God if I could keep my phone but be able to fix the problem, and the Lord was faithful. My understanding is inconsistent and often times wrong. But when I acknowledge God, when I put all my trust in Him, when I surrender, He works in ways I would never have expected or wishfully imagined.

God doesn’t play with us; we play with Him. Lately, I have noticed how much I am sucked into a lazy lifestyle and it affects not only my physical body but also my thinking. It is unhealthy. This also clouds my mind into what God really wants me to be doing. I think to myself that I can just chill by my TV and God will do the rest. Of course I’m not going to get what I want with that kind of mentality. At the same time, I could miss out on beautiful opportunities that the Lord has to offer. Thankfully, my mom reminding me of Proverbs 3:5-6 is just what I needed to hear.

The Lord is faithful no matter how small or great the matter the need. How has God shown you this? As always we love hearing from you! ❤


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