Blessings of Sisterhood/Brotherhood

Sisterhood (or brotherhood) is such a blessing. Recently, I was able to reconnect with some of my sisters from South Korea. Mariana flew in from the Midwest, Kate was picked up en route and Hannah was the final destination. For those of you who don’t know – Mariana is my collaborator, and both Kate and Hannah shared their stories on marriage talks.

It was a great five days of road trips, laughter, Jesus and food. We processed our departures and what we learned in South Korea. We discussed what season we were in and what we (think) God is preparing us for. I felt such peace and light at being able to openly share my adventures in South Korea and my sadness at my somewhat sudden departure.

We bonded at a Korean restaurant and reminisced in the Asian grocery store. We laughed and at the end of the reunion, cried. It was such a gift from God that it was able to come together like it did. Mariana had the furthest to travel and considering she’d only been back stateside three weeks, she had a lot going on.

It was a fun time and a much needed time. Since I’d been back I haven’t really felt able to discuss my time in Korea or process what happened and what’s next. I know I have a strong desire to be overseas and missions is something I am currently exploring. I also knew that I could be completely open with them and not worry about how it sounded or it going further than our circle. My sisters helped me remember Korea thoroughly and without any guilt or regret.

I learned so much in Korea. I learned what it feels like to be completely alone and to experience what it feels like to be a foreigner in another country. I learned how to lean into God when times got tough and what an authentic church should look and act like. I learned how to adapt and go with the flow. I learned how to dive into the Word and how to pray. I saw so many godly relationships in action. I learned what true sisterhood is and how the church body should be. I learned what it’s like to truly depend on God to provide. If I could sum up the two biggest things I obtained from my experience in South Korea it would be these:

  1. God will always provide a way, if it’s something He wants us to do/have; it might not be in the way we envisioned or expected but He will provide.
  2. We need our sisters and brothers in Christ and have to be intentional in our relationships

I am a better person because of the people I met and “did life with” and I am so thankful that God taught me this lesson!


How has your experience with sisterhood (or brotherhood) helped you grow? Have any of you gone on a missions trip – where, when, what? ❤

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