The Enemy Lies

The enemy loves to tell us lies. He enjoys giving us half-truths that hurt us and prevent us from doing what we can. He learns our weaknesses, our soft spots and uses them to whisper in our ears. We hear things like:

  • “You will never be good enough.”
  • “No one is going to love you.”
  • “God will never forgive you.”
  • “It’s just this one time.”
  • “Why does it matter anyway.”
  • “Don’t talk to her about it; vent about it with a friend.”
  • “Remember that one time when you really screwed up?”

Those are the voices of Satan. He loves to put us down and hurt us. He likes reminding us of our pasts. He wants to divide us, especially those in the church. He loves to separate us. He thrives on our insecurities. He desires our paralysis from fear and feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy. He’s pretty clever and he sometimes uses other people or even ourselves to do his biding. Take heart – he’s wrong!

  • You are good enough through Christ who purified us.
  • The one who rode in and rescued you from the death of sin already loves you.
  • God has already forgiven you and will never bring it up to you.
  • One time is all it takes; be strong and run from the temptation.
  • Everything we do matters to our Father.
  • Don’t be the division that spreads discord but put your “big girl (or boy) panties on” and respectfully hash it out.
  • Don’t worry about your past – God can use it for good, if you let Him. Remember, “every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.”

Peter, “Mr. Rock of the Church” gave Jesus the cold shoulder and pretended like he’d never even heard the name. “Jesus? Nah – doesn’t ring a bell. Oh yea…that crazy prophet. I’m not one of His disciples. You’re crazy.”

David, “a man after God’s own heart” coveted his neighbor’s wife, had an affair, got her pregnant, tried to manipulate the circumstances and then ultimately killed a good guy to hide his own poor decision. “No one will ever know if I just get rid of him. Then I’ll be happy with Babs as my wife. I’m the king, there might be rumors but who’s going to call me out on it? I’ll just be extra good this year.”

Paul, “Super Apostle” started out as a terrorist who actively sought to exterminate people because of their religious beliefs. “If they look like they’d even think about following this Jesus nonsense, I want them executed. Additionally, I’d like to be videoconferenced in for the execution. The more, the merrier.”

Rahab, “great-great-great something grandmother to Jesus” betrayed her country and lied to her king, leading to the massacre of her town folks. “Nope, no spies here. Look, there they go. When you guys come back over the border, save me and my family.”

Ruth, “Ms. Naomi Follower, went in to the men’s quarters and laid at a man’s feet in an attempt to convince him to marry her. “Oh hey, Boaz. (flutter eyelashes here).

“Jonah, “Mr. Prophet” ran away from God because he didn’t like the assignment he was given. “Yea, God, I’m on that and will have that assignment completed in a couple of days. Oh darn, I caught the wrong boat. What do you mean I’m going in the complete opposite direction? My bad.”

My point is that the Bible is littered with examples of people who had struggles. They made mistakes and had pasts. They messed up but that wasn’t the end of their story. Peter is today considered the rock of the church. Paul is admired for his work in spreading the gospel. Ruth is a great example of persevering and trusting in God to provide. David is considered to be “God’s man” with a heart like His. Rahab is held up as an example of faith in action. Jonah is a prophet who’s message saved a city.

Don’t play into the enemies’ hands. Read the Word and repel His lies. Look to the cross. You’re here because your story isn’t over yet. If you let Him, God will use you in huge ways!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I will try to get on track with the posts next week! As always, we love hearing from you! ❤

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