Give it to God

Sometimes life is just crazy and hectic and overwhelming. My daily to do list is so long that it will be August before it’s completed. I rush through the day just trying to get things done. I have a timetable and get anxious and irritable as I focus on checking off the next item on my list.

Some days my quiet time with God is just an item on my checklist. It’s something else that needs to get done. That means I need an attitude adjustment and look at my time with God differently.

The God of the Universe; the Creator of Heaven and Earth; the Almighty wants me to spend time with Him. He wants to hear from me and all about my worries and plans and dreams. He wants to hear everything. His desire is to be our best friend. Think about that. The one who has all the answers wants me to approach Him. Why do we seek counsel from family and friends first and ignore the Him?

Take a moment and just pause. Set a timer if you have to but make sure you stop and talk to Him. You can talk to Him about anything you want or need to. He’s listening. Always. Give it to God

“Casting all anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7

*Sorry for the short posts – this week is one of those hectic ones. ❤

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