Diving into His Word

First, this week is a bit hectic for me with birthdays, a few days at the beach and starting a new job, so I may miss a few days or be all over the place! It always amazes me how God provides for us and I am very thankful that I will be embarking on a new career, with normal work hours and benefits. Now on to today’s focus 🙂

I love learning about how other people study the Word and I recently stumbled onto a different method called Scripture Writing. This was posted by an individual in the Illustrated Faith FaceBook group and it grabbed my attention. I am always looking for new ways to spice up with quiet time and dive deeper into His word.

The idea is that you take verses from the Bible and copy them down. While you’re copying them, you meditate on them and study them.   This lets you really focus on what the verses say and how it applies to you. You can pick which verses to write or you can follow a plan like the one below, which is from http://www.swtblessings.com. She picks a topic and selects verses that correspond to the monthly theme.  As you can see, June’s topic is Forgiveness.

June Scripture Writing Plan English


I have started a new prayer journal and am blending this concept together. For example, I chose a verse from Psalms and then wrote my own prayer based upon the scripture. I’ll share yesterday’s with you in the hope that it encourages you.

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

Dear Abba,

Please grant me the physical, emotional and spiritual strength to endure this difficult time in my life. I know that through You I can do anything. I depend on and need Your strength to life me up and to handle this situation in a manner that honors You. Please let me learn and develop whatever characteristics or lessons You deem necessary. I trust You and I thank You for these trials for they allow me to lean into You and see You at work. Jesus endured trials and so must I. Please let me endure them with the strength and wisdom and grace that Jesus did. The war is already won!”

As you can see, it’s a simple prayer, based on the knowledge that I can do anything through Him and that I need His strength to handle this (and everything).

This method helps keep me from the routine and lackluster prayers that have represented my prayer life for the past several weeks, helps me study His Word and lifts me up. I hope you found this post interesting and inspiring. I know some people also combine illustrated faith with scripture writing to help them get the most out of it.

Do you do scripture writing or have you tried it? We’d love to hear what you think about it! ❤

2 thoughts on “Diving into His Word

    • I think it’s great and such a simple method to grow in His Word. We can all read the same passages and get something completely different out of it, depending on what season we’re in, etc.


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