Grace in Action – Nikkita’s Testimony

I love hearing and sharing testimonies that show how great God is! These stories inspire me and remind me that I am not alone in my struggles and I hope they do the same for you. I am honored that Nikkita has chosen to share her testimony here, so without further adieu, here is Nikkita’s Grace in Action.



I was baptised as a Christian from a young age and grew up in church for most of my childhood. When I was 16 my Papa died and that was a life changing moment in my life, I had prayed and prayed to God the previous night and the next morning my Papa was gone. For me, that was the first major death to affect me and I was angry with God, with life and just my circumstances. So I left church for about four years.

When I came back to church at twenty years old, I was introduced to a few missionaries who came from the States and particularly hit it off with one lady. And she encouraged me to come along to the women’s group that had been set up and I did. For months we looked at who is God, who is Jesus, who is the Holy Spirit and what does God say about you. And it was amazing to me, I learnt new things I thought I knew the answers too but most importantly I felt God’s presence in a completely different way. I realised that I was holding on to pain and grief and hadn’t let go of my hurt and I was scared that God wouldn’t forgive me for that. But he has and he always did, because he understood my pain.

Since then my faith has been on fire and the light in me has been relit by the grace of Jesus Christ. In June of 2014 I heard the call of God over my life to follow him and give up my full time job and become an intern for a year at my home church, starting in September 2014, which I did. Yes, it was tough and alongside that I was dealing with huge family issues and yet, what should of been the hardest year of my life, was also the year I witnessed God’s miracles and his mercy. I remember one time in particular when I struggled to think how I would make it through the month financially and I got to the train station only to find that money had already been topped up on my oyster card (travel card) and I was sorted for travel expenses both there and back home. I called my mum and asked if it was her but it wasn’t. It could of only been one other person and that was God!

God is good!

Fast forward to the end of my internship in July 2015 and the typical questions arose as to what next? A job landed straight at my feet and after time of prayer and discussions with various people I realised that this is what God wanted me to do as my next step. And after coming back from Mozambique last August, I had my interview the very next day and got the job!

I am currently a youth and children’s worker for my churches and God’s hand has been in my journey from the beginning. I sometimes think back to what life was like when only I made the decisions and I never want to go back there. With God guiding me I have clarity, confidence and comfort in knowing that I am doing the right thing because my God says so and he wants the very best for me. Each day, I remember that a day in his house is better than years apart from him!


I hope y’all enjoyed Nikkita’s testimony. You can read more about Nikkita at If you’re interested in sharing your testimony please comment below or contact me through the “Contact” tab. As always, we love hearing from y’all!

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