Encouraging Others


As children of God, we are called to build each other up. In a world where we are encouraged to judge each other and to be judged based on appearance, we are called to be apart. We are called to look beyond appearance and to help each other. It can be challenging, as it seemed to be an instinct. I would size people up constantly and compare myself. It wasn’t a matter of putting them down but almost a ranking system to see where I fit. Guess what? If I thought someone was “above” me in whatever criteria I was using, I found myself intimated and looked for reasons not to like them. This is not the behavior God is looking for.

We are called to encourage each other. Older men and women are called to mentor younger men women and since there is always someone younger than us, we all should strive to mentor someone and vice versa. The scripture to support this is found in Titus 2:2-5 and while it assumes that older women are married, the motivation behind mentoring younger people remains true no matter what season of life.

We are brothers and sisters bonded together by our salvation through Jesus Christ. We need to have each other’s backs, because life is rough. We’re family, which means while we don’t always like each other, we do love each other. We are called to be united and work together. It’s hard to work together when you’re judging someone’s looks or actions without understanding the story behind it. People make mistakes; people have pasts and we have quirks. I know that some of the circumstances in my life have led me to respond to things certain ways; ways that might not be the healthiest. They might not be sinful but they aren’t examples of how to live either.

Some how, we’ve allowed the rat race to spill over into our regular lives and keeps us in constant competition. The only competition we should be in is with ourselves and that should be to be a better version of who we were yesterday. We should want to share advice and useful information. We are the church and we should be working together to build instead of tearing down. This doesn’t just apply to other Christians but to everyone we encounter. We don’t need to judge – we need to accept people and encourage them.

Today, I want you to really focus on encouraging people and putting aside negative internal voices that are critical of others. Notice how it makes you feel and if it changes your interactions with people. It won’t be easy but making new habits is almost always challenging.

Let me know how the challenge goes for you! As always, I love hearing from y’all!

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