Breaking the Mold: Throwing Pinecones

Happy Monday! I am so excited to introduce Dusty from Throwing Pinecones who is doing a guest post about her ministry, Throwing Pinecones and The Rubies Project. She has shared a short bio and the story of her ministry. I hope y’all enjoy it!

My name is Dusty and I live in Portland, OR with my husband who is 13 inches taller than me and my daughter who is only 19 inches (at 7 weeks old!). It is my dream to build a women’s ministry that breaks the stereotype of a complacent woman and to give the silenced a voice. I am doing that through Throwing Pinecones, The Rubies Project and my #agodlylady movement. In my free time I love to garden, cook, make pretty things, binge watch Friends and drink all of the coffee in the land!


Throwing Pinecones & The Rubies Project

Growing up I wanted so badly to build an intimate relationship with God and make Him proud, but I felt as though my gender held me back from truly experiencing God. All of the women’s groups I attended were shallow and superficial. I hated the gossip that always seemed to follow and every part of me was jealous of the men’s groups. I wanted to get my hands dirty, serve God’s people by rebuilding houses for the poor, doing lawn work for the elderly and digging into God’s word together – not baking cookies! I was tired of all the frills when all I wanted was to experience God and grow in Him! If I am honest with myself a large part of this was my own pride getting in the way. I didn’t really know what it meant to be #agodlylady, but I knew I wanted no part of having to be “lady-like”. On the same hand, I did see a real life need for a strong women’s ministry that focused on being authentic, digging deep and allowing woman to be vulnerable without fear of gossip or all those extra fancy frills. Little did I know that God was going to radically change my mindset and teach me what it really meant to be a woman of God and that being #agodlylady was nothing to be ashamed of.

Several years later God has blessed me with my own ministry called Throwing Pinecones. Through Throwing Pinecones I am devoted to empowering women to cultivate a relationship with God that is undaunted by fear or failure. One of the ways I am working on doing that is through The Rubies Project. The Rubies Project is a series started on Throwing Pinecones that focuses on sharing the stories of ordinary women to create an extraordinary impact for Christ. I could create blog posts all day about God’s goodness and power but there is something so special about our own stories and testimonies that share God’s love in such an intimate and personal way, there is nothing I can do to replicate that!

I have written and rewritten this article more times than I can count. I wanted to find the perfect way to show you my heart behind The Rubies Project and why it is so very important. The thing is I can’t remember what it was that inspired me to begin the Rubies Project. But I can say this: through The Rubies Project I pray that women everywhere know that their story matters and that in turn they matter because God has made it so. Our stories, testimonies and experiences are what shape us, grow us and mold us and that is certainly not something we should be ashamed of! What better tool do we have to share God’s unfathomable love? Every Monday on one woman shares the story that God has given her for this very reason! I saw a bigger potential for The Rubies Project and I didn’t want my outreach to stop there.

So many women, men and children are bought, sold, used and then disregarded while we are so unaware. It breaks my heart how blind we are to human trafficking. I wanted a way to be able to raise awareness and help fight this tragedy head on and what better way than through The Rubies Project!? Through The Rubies Project I have raised over $1,000 dollars to help fight human trafficking and it is my prayer that that number continues to grow! The money we raise goes to an organization called She Has A Name. Their focus is on the healing and restoration of women who have been rescued from human trafficking.

Thirty-four brave women have shared their story for The Rubies Project, thirty four brave women have made an impact more than they know. By sharing your story you are not only professing your love for God loud and clear for everyone to hear but you are also confirming the fact that our lives matter; our stories matter. Whether you realize it or not your story is important. You, just living life is at the hand of your Father in heaven and is worthy of sharing! By sharing your story, you are validating God’s design for women everywhere to be one that is courageous, valuable, beautiful and loved. Share your story. Fight human trafficking. Build God’s kingdom.



I hope you all enjoyed Dusty’s story! Please check out her website for my Rubies Project Story, which is being featured today! As always, I love hearing from y’all!

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