Life’s Storms – Part 2

My last post was about life’s storms and some of the struggles I am dealing with. Thursday afternoon I reached my breaking point and was overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done and how the situation didn’t line up with what I had imagined. I was angry and frustrated and just ready to give up.

The skies opened up and it began pouring. It perfectly matched my delightful mood and I embraced the weather as something else I could complain about. I began grumbling to God about everything that had happened and the uncertainty ahead. This might have been the most I had talked to Him in a few days because I was “too busy” or “too tired” to have our regular quiet time. It’s funny how terrible my problems seem when I am not spending time with Him. I was asking Him for reassurance that everything would work out and praying for a miracle.

I am always amazed at how God answers my prayers. There in the sky was a double rainbow. I love rainbows and they always remind me of God’s goodness and how He keeps His promises.


“I have set my bow in the cloud and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” – Genesis 9:13

It reminded me that He is bigger than any of my problems. I felt such peace when I saw that rainbow and I remembered how He always takes care of me. I have never had a problem that is bigger than God and I felt as if He sent me the double rainbow to remind me that it was going to be okay. God’s got this; it’s when I forget this truth that I become overwhelmed.


Today we finalized things with the house and I felt a huge burden off my shoulders. The other portion about where to live and what to do isn’t as time sensitive and I feel like I have a moment to slow down and breathe. I’ve been back in the US a week and it doesn’t feel real. I haven’t processed anything except the strong desire to be at my life group and my church and hanging out with Saber and Mariana in Korea. No matter what happens or how chaotic life seems to be I am not alone. Things will calm down and work out exactly how God has it planned. He has promised us so many things but if we’re not focusing on Him, it’s easy to feel like you’re going under. So if you’re going through a rough season, stay strong, God’s got this.

How do you handle rough seasons? Is there anything that instantly reminds you of God’s presence (like rainbows)? As always, I love hearing from y’all.

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