Perspectives on Testimony Types

A friend and I were talking the other morning about our testimony and how friends have judged her for having an “easy” journey because she grew up in a Christian household and remained faithful in her walk. I don’t want to share her testimony because I know she will be sharing it here soon but our talk really fired me up and got me thinking our testimonies.I see testimonies divided into two types: “the dramatic” and the “the steady.” I will try not to generalize too much.

I see testimonies divided into two types: “the dramatic” and the “the steady”.  I hear about a lot of people who are moved or wowed by the “dramatic testimony.” The ones that deal with battling and overcoming addictions or other big turning points. These testimonies are important – mine includes a battle with several addictions but I think it’s a mistake to discount or downplay the testimony of people who haven’t dealt with the big, public struggles.

Everyone’s addiction is different but in many ways overcoming my addiction wasn’t as hard as some of the sins I battle with. Once I acknowledged I had a problem and reached out, I was given a lot of support. I’ve been clean from one of my addictions for almost ten years and while there are still times I think of it longingly, it’s a black and white area; I’m either clean or I’m not.

My biggest struggles are with my thought life and words.   My “unseen” sins are where I really struggle and it’s a lot harder to ask for help and be held accountable. Nobody knows that I’m coveting that girl’s outfit or that I’m judging someone else or lusting after someone. I can hide it. I also find that it’s harder to talk about with friends because most of us deal with these struggles in some form or another.  The unseen struggles are the most dangerous ones to me.  They are the ones that I can hide and downplay because no one else knows.

It’s easy to overlook the straight and narrow path testimony because they don’t contain the huge climax but to me they contain treasures. They remind me to persevere. They show me what it’s like to choose to carry the cross daily. They show me that the people who I sometimes think are “super Christians” have struggles too and that I am not alone.

They show me the value of transparency and being honest instead of trying to show only the “good” side. Everyone has a testimony and they are all equally valued. Some testimonies speak to us in different ways during different seasons. No matter what your story is, it matters. Your life is a story of God’s grace and no matter what it looks like, He uses it to for His glory.  You are His Grace in Action.

Have you seen this type of mindset or is it just me? What’s your testimony like – the “dramatic” or the “steady”?  How do you think we can support each other with the “unseen” struggles? I love hearing from y’all!

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2 thoughts on “Perspectives on Testimony Types

  1. I never really thought about that before..the dramatic or steady testimony. It’s an interesting way to look at it..thank you for sharing part of your testimony on here. Praise god you’ve been clean for so long!
    Our testimony is powerful..and through it we have overcome our sins and former way of life before Christ. Every ones story is different, that’s what is so beautiful!

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    • Thanks so much. I’m glad you liked it and am so glad that God saved me and is working in my life to change me! I just love hearing people’s testimonies and seeing how God works in people’s lives.

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