Baptism Update

“Spoiler Alert: He has already won.”

Easter just might be my favorite Christian celebration. This is the foundation of my beliefs and the way the war was won. Easter is when we were all redeemed and given true life. I attended a church service in the main campus located in Busan, which is about an hour away. Our church there is located right on the ocean and since it was a beautiful day we took the opportunity to walk along the boardwalk before church.

Church was crowded with people from both campuses, and visitors. We had some people visiting from Los Angles who wanted to attend Easter Service before flying home! I love the welcoming atmosphere of the church and the diversity of our church. The scripture verses on the resurrection were divided and spoken in about 8 different languages, including Korean, Spanish, French and Afrikaans.   It was very moving. I teared up several times during our worship songs because the lyrics brought Jesus’ actions to life and made me realize that He did it for me! He’s already won and I am saved.

Then, I went and got baptized!!! Our pastor drove the four of us being baptized down to Haundae Beach. At the gathering on the beach, we took pictures and shared our testimonies! It’s so funny because I was so nervous about the public speaking and the water but I felt NONE of those emotions as soon as I stepped foot on the beach. I felt a combination of peace and joy.

Before the Baptism


From L to R: Riette, Me, Warren and Mariana


Pastor Dan posing with us before the baptism. (I seriously have 
the best pastor ever!)

I should mention that it was also low tide when we went out so we had to go further out than I had anticipated. J Pastor Dan and the four of us ventured out into the water. The water was not as cold as I was expecting, which was nice and bonus – no sharks! The act of baptism was quick and wonderful.

After the Baptism


From L to R: Warren, Me, Riette and Mariana. (Apparently I was 
a rebel and didn't need my towel in the picture. LOL)

I am so happy that I was baptized on Easter Sunday in South Korea with my church family. I am leaving Korea this week so it made it that much sweeter. This is my first church that I’ve faithfully attended as an adult and it has been such a blessing to me. My Pastor and Elders have been amazing and have helped me grow so much. My church gave me amazing friends, that I know will be lifelong friends and gave me such a strong foundation in Christ that I know will stay with me throughout my life. I am also so happy that even though my family wasn’t here, one of my dear friends, Mariana, was also baptized with me. She was one of my first friends in South Korea and has been such an encouragement and blessing to me that it was nice to share this experience with her.

Thank y’all for your encouragement when I was letting nerves interfere with such a joyous time. I hope y’all had a wonderful Easter!

8 thoughts on “Baptism Update

  1. I love this too! I knew your baptism was going to be such a memorable experience. My sister and niece also were water baptized on Easter Sunday. My sister said she felt such tremendous joy that was uncontainable..she just wanted to shout, “That’s My God!!” They are down in FL, and I’m in NJ but I could feel her joy through her texts!!! 😁😁🙂

    I pray that Jesus would continue to fill you with joy, and pray you will continue on following Him, even when it’s hard or doesn’t make sense, carry on!

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