Life Interrupted

What do you do when life gets interrupted? What do you do when you have everything planned out and it changes? Do you get upset, ignore God, disobey Him, or “go with the flow”?


God has a tendency to interrupt lives. He interrupted Noah, Ruth, Moses, Esther, Jonah, the 12 Disciples, Mary and Joseph and many more. God has a history of finding people who are comfortable in their lives and challenging them to change. All of these people had plans and were living their lives, pretty comfortably from what I can tell and then God interfered.

Noah was good and focused on God, but when God decided to destroy everyone else, Noah had to build an ark and show up with faith that God would provide. Ruth had a husband and good in-laws but in the blink of an eye, God took away the men and Ruth had to decide to stay with what was known or to walk by faith with her mother-in-law to a foreign land. Moses was tending his sheep, when God spoke to him through a burning bush and changed his life forever. God took Esther from a simple girl to a queen that would save the Jewish people. The 12 Disciples were just living their lives until Jesus called them. Mary and Joseph were an engaged couple looking forward to starting a family when God interrupted and made them earthly parents to our savior.

I don’t particularly like change and I think a lot of people feel the same way I do. I like routine and planning things out. I know where I like to shop, what roads to take, which restaurants, etc. I like the stability of a routine but God likes to challenge me to step out of the comfort zone. He pushes me to grow and to experience discomfort.


God likes to interrupt people. God interrupted my life when I thought the normal thing was working 70+ hour workweeks and focusing on career. He stepped in and brought me on an amazing adventure that has been better than anything I imagined. Now, as I’ve gotten comfortable and really begun to grow roots in South Korea, He has called me home.

While the circumstances causing me to go home aren’t ideal, I am so thankful that I am able to. I can see how He’s set it up and how He’s working. I can see how He’s been helping me build my faith so while I have moments of worry (where will I live, will I find another good church, where will I work, etc.) I know that He will provide for me. God’s plans are always better than my dreams and while I never know what exactly is coming, I can walk in faith that He is always with me.

How has God interrupted your life? How do you respond when He does? If you’re interested in sharing your testimony through Grace in Action, let me know via a comment or email me at ! I love hearing from y’all! 

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