A Spiritual Plan



I love planning. I am the person who joyfully skips to do a budget, makes bucket lists, five year plans, etc. but for some reason I’d never thought of a spiritual plan. With the decision to go back to the US, one of my concerns is finding a strong church community.


Before I moved abroad, I occasionally attended church but it wasn’t until moving to South Korea that I became active in church and I think it’s a bit different living abroad. I attend church and life group but because I live abroad, all of my close friends here are people I’ve met through church. So while my focus remains on assisting my family member with her health issues, my second priority is finding a church as soon as possible.

When I was discussing this with one of the elders at church, he suggested I come up with a spiritual plan and I love the idea. I thought I would share here for some additional accountability and to see if you all have any tips or suggestions to things I should add or be thinking about.


Target Date

Find at least 10 churches in the area that I will be living in that meet my criteria By 3/15
Narrow down the list to 3 to 5 by listening to online sermons or reading messages from the church By 3/23
Share the list with people I know in the area who might want to visit the churches with me By 4/6
Visit the churches and speak to leadership and members there Month of April through May (1 every Sunday)
Commit to a “home” church 5/21
Get plugged into a Life Group or Community Group 6/4
Find a way to serve in the church 6/11
Become a church member TBD

The dates are a bit flexible but should fall within that range. I don’t want two weeks to turn into two years of no church but I also want to make sure that I don’t just bounce from church to church either. It’s important to me that I get plugged in as quickly as possible.

I have already been looking into churches and a lot of the ones I like sound really big, which is intimidating to me when I am going to church alone. Since this was an excuse for me in the past, I am making plans so that this won’t become a stumbling block. I will keep you all posted on my experience when I get stateside.

What do you look for in a church? If you have a home church, how did you find it/choose it? What suggestions or additions do you have for me? I love hearing from you guys!

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