Taking Up the Cross Daily

“If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” – Luke 9:23

This is a pretty familiar verse to me but it wasn’t until I really began studying His word that it clicked for me. I had always tried to prove myself and would get so discouraged when I slipped up. Turns out I was trying to do it through my own strength.

Choosing to follow Jesus is not a one-time thing. Yes, we only have to repent and ask for salvation one time but following Jesus is continual. Every day we can choose to pick up our cross and follow Him or to walk past the cross and live for ourselves.


This verse remains me that I’m never going to be a perfect Christian but every day I have the opportunity to live my faith for Christ or to live for myself and the world. It’s not an excuse when I slip up but an understanding that God knows I will slip. Pardon the analogy but it’s like being on a diet – just because you mess up one meal doesn’t mean you stop eating; it means you get back on track next meal. I have some days where I put the cross down multiple times and have to go back and pick it up and other days where I feel like Super Christian – just kidding that hasn’t happened yet.

What does it mean to deny yourself? Denying yourself means that you stop focusing on self. It means focusing your eyes on God and aligning your goals with His. It’s the opposite teaching of this world. The world teaches “every man for himself” but Jesus teaches that we are to serve others. The world says that we should put ourselves first and the goal is to fight to the top to acquire as much fame and money as possible. Jesus teaches us to put our faith in Him and to focus on putting ourselves last.

What does it mean to follow Christ? It doesn’t just mean asking for forgiveness and receiving His salvation, although that’s the first step. It’s important to make sure you’re obeying Him and walking closer with Him everyday. It means growing in Christ and learning to live like Him.

This verse means understanding that you will make mistakes and fail but that tomorrow’s a new day. No matter what you’ve done, there’s a choice to be made – pick up the cross and follow Christ to life or keep on walking into the pit.



What do you think of this verse? Do you have any verses that “clicked” for you? As always, I love hearing from you guys!

5 thoughts on “Taking Up the Cross Daily

  1. Great post!! Thanks for sharing. I agree with you. I believe the Luke verse tells us to deny our flesh & our sinful ways/actions. Each day is a new day and we must seek Christ & try to be more like him. We won’t be perfect here on earth but with Christ, we can do all things!

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  2. This is a great interpretation of this verse. It is so easy to beat ourselves up for mishaps and then not try anymore because we know we will mess up again. My son asked me one day “Why should we say sorry if we might to do it again.” Then my daughter is a perfectionists. It is all good until you can handle making mistakes. I have to explain that we are not perfect. I am not perfect. I think you hit it right on with the diet example. My verse that clicked for me right now is James 1:19. The Lord convicted me in that area and decided to do a 30-day challenge on being slow to speak, quick to listen, and slow to get angry. Check it out at joyfullinspirations.com. I love reading your posts. Blessings.

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    • Thanks for the comment! I am also a perfectionist, which is probably why this verse hit home for me so much.

      I’ll check out your posts on the challenge! It sounds interesting. I just love hearing about how others are applying His Word to their lives.


      • Amen! I love to hear personal stories of how God is moving in peoples’ lives through the LIFE of His Holy Word! It makes me smile knowing He is alive right here in the midst of our broken world. Blessings!

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