Grace in Action – Travis’ Testimony


Today is a Grace in Action post, which is where I will be featuring other people’s testimonies. Others’ testimonies should serve to encourage us and glorify God by seeing His grace in their lives.

As always, I am blessed to introduce this testimony, especially as he is not only a brother in Christ but also my real brother (even though I tried denying it a time or two 🙂 ). Without further delay, here it is:

 Travis’  Testimony

Through God anything is possible and is something I have come to learn. God was always in my life but I chose to ignore him and instead chose to be selfish and self-destructive. I was a drug addict, a thief, and a liar. Everything in my life was going horribly wrong and I was the problem.

I pushed God away but he was always there. If you’ve ever been an addict you’ll know what I’m about to explain is true, but for those of you who haven’t gone through that, here’s a weird fact that someone once told me. Why is it when we are doing the worst things to ourselves, like lines of coke at 3 in the morning, does religion get brought up every time? Because God is always there, at every opportunity, loving us even when we don’t love ourselves.


It took going to jail several times for me to finally accept someone’s offer to go to church. I figured every time I’d tried to change my way, I had failed. The day I walked into that church three eerie things happened:

  1. The sermon was about forgiveness and loving yourself.
  2. The first time meeting this preacher he came up to me and told me he had been an ex addict, and felt the urge to come talk to me.
  3. When the preacher asked if anyone needed to be saved, my body got goose bumps and automatically walked itself to the front, which is surprising because I hate crowds.

I was saved that day and a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I don’t drink anymore, and I don’t use drugs anymore because He took away the urge and dependency. In less than 2 years I’ve turned my life around. It isn’t perfect but I’m blessed and my heart is happy because every night I pray for God to use me as his tool and to help others.

I want to do so well in His name that people who know me from my past ask me how I managed to do it. My answer will be God did this, not I. It will make them wonder and hopefully convince them to be saved. Lead by example and spread positivity to everyone around you. For we are warriors of God and need to spread it without words!


Rahab2’s Comments:

I hope you were encouraged by this testimony and understand that no matter what’s in your past, it’s not too big for God. He is willing to use you, if you accept His gift of grace.

If you’re interested or moved to share your story, please leave a comment or email me at I’d love to hear your story and see His Grace in Action.

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