Dangerous Prayer

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“Be careful what you wish for” is a common saying but I’ve learned a similar saying: “Be careful what you pray for.” It seems like an obvious thought but I never really considered that I needed to be careful with my prayer life.

I like to watch online sermons and found Craig Groeschel of Life Church. I found his series “#struggles” and it really spoke to some things I was feeling at the time. Once I completed that series, I watched some different ones but then found his series “Dangerous Prayers”. My friend and I had been talking about our prayer lives and I was concerned that mine was becoming routine, so I figured this series would be a great one to watch. It’s a three part series with each part focusing on a different “dangerous prayer”. I thought dangerous was overstated; I mean how tough could these prayers really be?

The first sermon focuses on the prayer “Search Me” and inviting God to search your life and reveal anything negative that you should be working on. It makes sense and seems like a good prayer but God has a way of continually bringing issues to the surface. Turns out I’m not perfect. 🙂 Still, this prayer seemed a bit “easy” and it just reinforced my belief that the title “Dangerous Prayers” was just a catchy slogan to draw viewers in.

The next sermon is “Break Me”. This one made me a bit nervous. I didn’t pray the prayer at the time. I thought about it but I decided that I really didn’t want to be broken and I like my comfortable life; I mean I moved to Korea, I listened to God and left my comfort zone. I deserved to relax a bit and coast…this is not the attitude God is looking for.

Moving on, I watched the third and final sermon called “Send Me” which is also a bit scary. I was convincing myself that I didn’t need this prayer because I was already abroad and had done my part. Someone else can be sent. I mean Korea can be tough but it’s not a third world country. Sigh.

Sometime’s it’s hard to see your weaknesses in black and white, knowing that you will be posting them for anyone to see BUT I want to be honest and share in my walk of faith.

Prayer is one of my weakest areas. Some people pray out loud; some, like me, write them down; some don’t pray at all; some only pray authored prayers. Yet, prayer is part of our battle plan. We are called to pray to battle Satan.

“…And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication.”
-Ephesians 6:17-18

Prayer matters. It is not something to merely check off a “To Do” list but something to study and learn about, so that we might be warriors in this battle and help win battles through our prayer lives. There are safe and dangerous prayers.

I prayed the dangerous prayer and asked God to break me. It’s scary, because He is breaking me. I didn’t realize what was happening until a few days ago when I was giving God all of my frustrations and hurt and then it clicked: I have a lot of big things going on right now – people who are ill, people who have passed away, no plans for the future, friends leaving Korea, the list goes on and the “bad” news keeps coming.

I feel overwhelmed but I felt a bit better when I realized that God is breaking me down. He’s answering my hesitant prayer and I imagine that though the journey will be dark and painful at times, I will come out of this, a better and more mature Christian who has drawn closer to her Father.

What’s your prayer life like? Do you believe in “dangerous prayers?” I love hearing from you all!

3 thoughts on “Dangerous Prayer

  1. I believe in the power of prayer. I believe God moves in powerful ways when we call on him in prayer. I am amazed at how many trials I experience when I say “yes” to God. I have been broken, bruised, and sad. But through it all, I have become stronger and my faith in what God can do through me is stronger. I have a 15- minute power punch I like to do. I am praying God raises up prayer warriors for His kingdom.http://joyfullinspirations.com/15-minute-prayer-punch/ This has been powerful for me, made me broken, scared but powerful! Praying God uses you in mighty ways for your obedience to HIM! Be blessed.

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  2. Back in September I made a choice to be intentional about reading the word every morning and reading my Jesus Calling devotional- it’s been five months now since I’ve made this choice and I can’t begin to tell you how God has completely changed my prayer life!! I know crave time to spend w Jesus where as before it used to seem like something I had to be entitled to or it felt like work to get started.. Now I crave the time I can spend in the word, just being still in His presence/ God has taught me so much over these past few months about faith,’discipline and the power of prayer. I pray every day and lately I’ve becoming braver about praying for things out side of my comfort zone. Jesus wants to take us outside of our comfort zone so we can be humbled and used by Him greatly!

    Be blessed!


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