My Story

Since I told you about Rahab and my intent for this blog, I thought it would be useful to share my story and who I am.

My name is Amanda and I am thirty years old. I am a Christian but despite growing up as a Christian, had never actually committed to Christ until May 2015. It was the best decision of my life so far and I have a feeling it will continue to be the best decision of my life.

I was a typical 30-year-old woman. I wasn’t in a relationship and was just focused on my career and climbing the corporate ladder. I was successful if you looked at my title, pay check and promising future but I was miserable. I was on edge all the time, smoking like a freight train, working 70+ hours every week with little time for anyone or anything else. I was angry all the time and exhausted. When I did pray, it was crying out or lashing out to God to help me and I didn’t understand why He just wouldn’t fix it. Little did I know that He was…just not in the way I pictured. I felt broken and shattered.


We had some rough patches at work and when I went on my family vacation to the beach, there was a strong possibility that our contract would be ending. I was a little stressed but decided that I was going to do my best to enjoy the time I had with family. It was during my Beth Moore bible study on Daniel that I remembered a dream I had to live abroad. My sister-in-law’s best friend was teaching in South Korea and really enjoying it and it would make sure I wasn’t unemployed. I couldn’t afford not to have a backup plan, so I began researching.

I took a TEFL course and became certified. I found a job quickly. I spoke to my family and friends about the possibility. Most of them thought I was a bit crazy but my best friend, Laura, looked at me and told me to go for it. She strongly believed that God wanted me to do this and she would support no matter what her personal feelings were.

I prayed about it and felt an overwhelming sense of peace with my decision. People were a bit concerned that I was giving up the American dream but my dream had turned into a nightmare somewhere along the way.   For the past several years, I had chosen a pay check over quality of life but this time I chose quality over the quantity. I chose to finally obey God and get my priorities in order. I have been able to rebuild and repair relationships I had neglected. I am a better daughter, sister, and friend despite the fact that I am approximately 7,000 miles from home. I am rooted in my faith and involved in church.

Looking back I can see how God prepared me for this journey. I was debt free (there will be a blog on finances soon), I had reconnected with a lot of amazing friends and family members before I left, I was connected with people in South Korea and I knew the value of relationships. He didn’t answer my prayers in the way I wanted them then; He answered them in a better way and gave me a chance to live a dream I’d given up on a long time ago. I never would’ve pictured my life this way but am so thankful for God’s blessings.

What’s your story? How has God worked in your life?



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